The Devil Inside

A day late in writing my MFtS as I was on my way to Coventry yesterday. I will try in the future to do the flash fiction piece every Monday but occasionally this won’t happen for whatever reason.

Anyway, after a more fun piece last week I went a bit more serious this time and encorporated a lot more dialogue than usual. Hopefully it works and all who read it, enjoy it. You can read other Mondays Finish the Story entries by following the link and then clicking the blue frog on that page.Β  It totals 15o words exactly and I did have to cut quite a bit out, which is why writing flash fiction has frustrated me in the past! Despite that, here is ‘The Devil Inside’:

The cemetry spread along the area known as Devil’s Abode, a name derived from an ancient tale of when Holalu was just a quiet rural village.

A local farmer was walking home when he was confronted by an old man.

‘How much for your soul?’

The farmer laughed as he walked past.

‘There is no price for something so precious.’

‘But you haven’t heard my offer.’

The farmer stopped.

‘Go on then.’

‘I offer to you the crown. I will make you King of this great country and in addition, any woman you wish to be your Queen.’

The farmer’s eyes lit up and he shook the outstretched hand of the old man without a second thought, and as he did, the ground opened up. He fell for what felt like an eternity, before finally he met solid ground. The old man was standing over him.

‘When you offer somebody so much, it is hard to resist the devil inside.’


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